Organizational success is a multifaceted opportunity to grow profits, lead into the future, and do it all through other people.  Creating, shaping, and protecting an intentional culture is key to strong organizational success.  This requires a custom approach, so everything we do is tailored to fit the needs and challenges of your organization. We work with organizations, often in highly competitive industries, in many different ways. For example:

Sometimes an organization knows where they want to be, but they don’t have a plan to get there. We work to put the key strategies in place from Visioning to the plan of action.

Sometimes an organization has a great plan, but doesn’t have the management to realize what that plan requires. We work to get the management up to par and moving in the same direction.

Sometimes an organization has a great plan and great managers, but they just need that cash register to ring. We work to make the money come in.

Sometimes an organization has managers they need to see become leaders and we can help develop your leaders at all levels.

Where are you driving your organization?

What challenges do you need to overcome?

Challenges are our success!

Communication, sales, management, planning, systems, leadership, customer loyalty…whatever it is, we can help you get there faster with better results!

Online Diagnostic tools are available through Driven Associates to take an accurate and confidential look at employees’ behavior and their view of your organization’s mission, values, direction, and leadership. Have you ever been curious to find out what managers, supervisors, or individual contributors are thinking about your organization?

Contact us today set up a free meeting and see if we can help your organization see improved results and make more money.

Managers & Personnel Professionals

Have you ever noticed that Super-workers don’t often make great Supervisors?

Driven Coaching works directly with you to support you as the leader
and bring the results you need to see happen in your area. Nothing is “canned.” We work hard to bring you the tailored approach that you need.

Driven Coaching develops your most valuable resource – Your People.
Our approach produces results you will not see in most training programs. Training and teaching programs focus on “Skills and Knowledge” the “How To” do a particular job. Driven Associates philosophy is that knowledge is not power, but rather applied knowledge is power, which means we focus not only on the “skills and knowledge” (The How To) but we also focus on “Attitude” the “Want to” and “Why to.”

It’s been said that 85% of what yields results is attitude and the other 15% is skills and knowledge. Have you ever had a really knowledgeable and skilled employee that doesn’t yield equally high results, but on the other hand had an employee that may not have been the most highly skilled but because of a great attitude was able to “knock it out of the park”? Our goal is to get all of your team to be “knocking it out of the park” and yielding extremely high results.
Everything we do is tailored to fit the needs of your team and your challenges.

Some managers use us to help them be lifted up, respected, and seen as the leader in their area.

Some managers use us to get their sales team to the top of the pack — often in as little as 4 weeks.

Some managers use us to bring team unity and create clear lines of communication and other personnel issues.

Some use us to train their newly promoted “Super-Workers” and give them the skills and attitude to be excellent Supervisors.

Some managers use us to create the attitude and people skills needed to produce an excellent level of customer loyalty.

The list is virtually endless of what we can help you do, the question is “What do YOU need to accomplish?” What would it mean personally, professionally, and financially if you could accomplish that need in the next 8-12 weeks? What if you don’t?

Your team has abilities, set up a free appointment with Driven Coaching today and get those abilities in motion.

Sales Professionals

Have you ever sent people to sales training that didn’t provide lasting results?
At Driven Coaching we focus on getting results and permanently developing people — not just training.

When you hear the word salesman what comes to mind? When you hear the word leader what comes to mind? Who would you rather buy from? A salesman or a LEADER?

Driven Coaching approach to sales and goal setting is unique because it is not a weekend training, but rather a process of results driven leadership behavior that comes from attitude development – which amplifies skills and knowledge over a period of time.

If you hear something 1 time, you are lucky to retain 2% of what you heard just 16 days later. But when it absorbed through our unique process, 62% is retained 15 years to LIFE.
At Driven Coaching we love to work with sales people and sales teams because we often see huge monetary results in as short as 4 weeks and retain results over the course of the entire year.

If you were only operating at 25% of your sales potential, what would it mean to your life personally, professionally, and financially if you were operating at 50% or even 75% of your full potential?

Driven Coaching does NOT offer “just-another-sales-training-program,” but an attitude and view on sales that is personal to you and your organization that may produce incredible and lasting results.

I had the pleasure of participating in a leadership program with Jon Bohm and Driven Coaching, and it has made a huge difference in the way I see my personal and professional life. Not only have I gained new perspective, Jon has given me the tools to now move forward and achieve all the successes that I’ve been dreaming of to date. There is no way to put a price on the insight I have gained from being involved with this amazing process. I would highly recommend every body to use Jon’s services if you have any dreams or goals you want to accomplish. – Todd Ryan

You and your sales team have more abilities than you may know, set up a free consultation with Driven Coaching today and get those abilities in motion.

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