Jon speaks to each audience based on the desired results, therefore the title and specific subject is customized for each audience. Below is a list of several workshops and a list of other topics Jon likes to cover.

Target Your Team to Engage – Designed for Executive Level Leadership

  • This workshop is taught with an active Fighter Pilot Instructor in the USAF!
  • In this interactive workshop you will learn and apply:
  • How the USAF became the best in the world and you can be too.
  • How to be Strategic, Excellent, and Team driven.
  • How to build high performance teams
  • How to train and expect excellence
  • How to communicate and understand your strategic roles in the “mission”
  • How to develop precision planning strategies
  • How to break each mission down effectively in to the Why? What? and How?
  • And much more.

Cold Calling Success – Growing your profits through cold calling!

  • In this interactive workshop you will learn and apply:
  • How to “Cold Call” in a way you will not get shut down
  • How to be comfortable with first time interactions
  • How to use “Gate Keepers”
  • Valuable tools for networking
  • The truth about the “Do not Call registry”
  • How to use the telephone effectively
  • How to prepare for a call
  • Where to get names and lists in your Target Market
  • How to handle objections
  • And much more.

Living Like Your Life Depends on It!

  • Motivating you to find your passions and drive your life forward!
  • In this interactive workshop you will learn and apply:
  • “The Formula for Success” what they never teach you in School
  • How to inspire and motivate yourself and others
  • Seven Simple steps to achieving your Dreams
  • Finding and living your Passions
  • And Much more!

Time Strategies – Investing time through Vision, Values, and Purpose!

  • In this interactive workshop you will learn and apply:
  • Time Management vs. Time Use
  • Getting the MOST out of EVERY day
  • Making sure your DAILY activity is taking you toward your VISION
  • Finding HEALTHY balance in a CRAZY WORLD
  • And much more

Winning at Sales – Creating a Sales Machine!

  • In this interactive workshop you will learn and apply:
  • Creating a sales ATTITUDE
  • PROSPECTING those who WANT to buy your product and services
  • IDENTIFYING and understanding the buyer/selling process
  • Learn to ask EFFECTIVE questions
  • Strategies to TRANSFORMING your organization into a sales dynamo
  • Leading your organization to FOCUS on RESULTS
  • And much more!

Increase Sustained Profitability – Developing a Customer LOYALTY strategy

  • In this interactive workshop you will learn and apply:
  • Your PERCEIVED VALUE as defined by your customers
  • What a loyal customer is worth to your BOTTOM LINE
  • How to BUILD a Loyalty STRATEGY
  • And Much more!

General Topics Jon Covers regularly:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Self Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • For Non-Profits “Getting Your Board on Board”
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Family Life and Spiritual Issues
  • Youth Leadership and Motivation
  • Motivational Topics based on need
  • Management
  • Supervisory Topics
  • Managing Change
  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Networking
  • Time Strategies
  • Cold Calling
  • And more..

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