“When we invited Jon to speak at the 2009 Mortar Board Leadership Conference at Purdue University, we hoped that he could inspire students to find ways to motivate themselves and coach them about how to motivate their peers in student organizations. Without a doubt, he fulfilled this goal. In the week after the conference, we still heard students talking about what a dynamic, sincere, and motivating speaker Jon was. One student commented, “Jon’s session motivated me to find my passions and thrive with them. Everything I do in life should be because of my passions. If something doesn’t fit with my passions, it is a waste of time; I need to run away from dream-stealers. Jon was absolutely amazing, and the passion that came through with his words showed why is he as good as he is.” Many students have requested that Jon return to campus for more seminars, and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an insightful, professional speaker.”

– John Nemz & Laura Kightlinger
Co-Chairs, 2009 Mortar Board Leadership Conference
Purdue University

“Jon is a man of high moral character and integrity.  He has a positive, high energy approach to everything he encounters. Recently, I was fortunate to be able to go through one of his development programs.  Through Jon’s program and feedback, I have been empowered to become more efficient both personally and professionally.  He has shown me how to look at whole picture while living in the moment and enjoying life everyday!”

– Bradley Pike, PT, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Director of Rehabilitation
Syracuse University
Championship Sports Physical Therapy, PC

“Jon presented an awe inspiring keynote address at our customer event last week. I knew he would be good but his presentation was “out of the park great”. His genuine commitment to others success and his passion for what he does just shines. I would highly recommend him!”

– Tammy Kohl- President of Resource Associates Corporation

“I wish I could meet with Jon every week. Our entire organization has made a major change in direction since my meetings with Jon. Don’t buy into the lie that you don’t need any coaching or advice on what you can do different and better. Jon will help you break out of a rut/box and use your own ideas to help you do so. I’ve been leading my organization for more than 11 years. After meeting with Jon, I feel like we have a fresh start, new vision and our best days ahead of us.”

– Trent Renner – Lead Pastor of Parkway Christian Church

“Jon’s program literally has changed my life and opened my eyes to my own potential. Through Jon’s coaching I was astonished to realize why I do some of the things that I do. That knowledge has helped me tremendously. My business has increased considerably by implementing what I have learned from Jon.

I took Jon’s course with my wife to help not only my business but my personal life as well. Not only has my business increased, but my personal life is more balanced as my wife and I work on our life and family plan together. I can’t recommend Jon and his program enough.”

– David Carattini – CEO AZ Tech Works

“10 til 2 –The Part-time Placement Service was privileged to have Jon Bohm of Driven Associates speak at our 2009 Gold Club Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. His Formula for Success is an accessible, hands-on plan for our company and its 23 franchises to institute results-driven practices and daily motivational techniques that are certain to increase our success and position in the industry.
Jon has an incredible way of working in his personal story, the audience’s aspirations and sound business models to drive home the capability for us all to achieve excellence within our company. His presentation was thorough and compelling, leaving us with a battery of tools to help transform our vision, goal-setting and ultimately our business success.

“One of Jon’s charms is that, although he has an extraordinary life story, he delivers his presentation with a down to earth, user-friendly style. His connection to his audience is immediate and genuine. Never does one feel that they are being sold on his concepts, nor do they feel that he is simply reading from a list of how-to’s.

10 til 2 considers Jon Bohm and Driven Associates as an asset to our conference and to our system as a whole.”

– Jodi Olin – CSO/Founder 10 til 2 The Part-Time Placement Service

“I can think of no reason >why every/any church would not go through this process.  They will grow as they put it into practice.  I strongly recommend Jon to any church.”

– Tom Kopp – Lead Pastor of Crosspoint Church

“We hired Jon as a business consultant for our law practice. He brought a high level of experience and integrity to our office. He is solution-oriented and directs the business owner to make their own goal-oriented solutions based on their core values. This allows for a natural and desirable growing of your business. We have really enjoyed working with him. It has been life changing and definitely business changing. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you Jon!”

– Lora Johnson – Owner, Salone and Johnson, P.L.L.C.

“Jon’s coaching process has truly been a life-changing alteration.  CodyL Design and Marketing would’ve been lost without the strategies that Jon helped our team implement.  We cannot use any words to rightly express our gratitude.  Immeasurable!”

– Raquel Landefeld – Owner CodyL Design & Marketing

“Jon helped us to navigate beyond the minutia of everyday activity and see the bigger business picture. This has enabled us to catch a vision of where we could be and steps to reach that vision. At a time when we thought there was little opportunity he helped us to see beyond and take steps to achieve new goals. (Thank you Jon!)

– Phil Troyer – CEO/ P.A. Troyer Architecture & Design

In 12 years as a business owner and Chiropractor I have never met anyone like Jon.  He has transformed my thinking and professional growth.  He has given me my life, hopes, and dreams back!  In the first 3 months working with Jon I had already become more productive and profitable than ever before.

-Dr. Kirk Van Metre- Owner of Van Metre Chiropractic

“Jon knows people and he knows business. That is a given. The pleasant surprise is that he knows how to get people in touch with their own motivations and dreams…and then help them translate that into an action plan for their personal and private lives. Giving up is simply no longer an option! Thank you, Jon, for your direction and encouragement! Anyone who engages Jon Bohm, and Driven Associates is in for a wonderful adventure!”

– Susan Luarita – CEO Stillpoint Early Education Services

“As a healthcare provider, I was used to being reminded about the bottom-line and taught to become a better business person.  High quality patient care with kindness is my passion, and my dream was to own my own pediatric clinic.  Jon’s coaching was refreshing and eye-opening, and made me realize that my entrepreneurial dream is now a goal and will be a reality.”

– Heather Lane – RN, MSN, CPNP

“Jon doesn’t just teach marketing methods and sales techniques.  He helps you find the ideas and skills you already have built into your inner self and develop them into tools you can be used for any business, or in fact, any aspect of life!”

– Debbie Rowe – Restauranteur and Multiple Business Owner

“Working with Jon has placed a rudder on our business ship. We now have a solid plan to follow.”

-John Clark- Owner/CEO Synergy Design Build and Construction

“Jon helped me break through barriers that kept me from taking my business to a new level.”

-Don Taflin – Ameriprise Financial Advisor

“Jon is an outstanding business coach. His program and instruction have been extremely helpful to our organization. With his instruction we have been able to better define ourselves and increase performance and our competitive edge. Jon is a very congenial and professional person. I highly recommend him.”

– Joseph Gledhill – CEO of Gledix Technologies

“Jon showed us that it doesn’t happen unless you make it happen.  Don’t wait for the doors to open, kick them open!”

– Rich Lange – CEO of Bren Con Services

“I have taken Dale Carnegie courses and professional sales courses for years, Jon is the best. Jon could be the next Dale Carnegie.”

– Walter Rowe – CEO of Walt’s BBQ

“Jon’s program helped me become a much more well rounded person and at the same time helped me realize my true passion in life.  I actually changed careers by the end of all our sessions.”

– Lorraine Lantz – CEO Entrepreneur and Mother

“I always thought the sales process was difficult, but Jon with Driven Associates helped me to realize that sales is really all about the other person and meeting the needs of those people.”

– Nelda Kane – Franchise Owner of “10 til 2”

“It’s not only leading others, it’s leading YOURSELF.”

-Insurance Agent with Farm Bureau

“Jon does a great job of bringing it all together and making it work for YOU!”

-Cliff Amator – Insurance Agent with Farm Bureau

“Working with Jon Bohm and Driven Associates has helped me really crystalize my goals and given me the tools to watch them come to pass.  Thank you!”

– Susan

“Jon is a wonderful person who is very professional and knowledgeable.  He helped me and our business tremendously!  Thank you!”

– Bill Corcoran – CEO WWPP

“Jon and Driven opened up our tight-nit family firm to be able to listen to and understand one another again. Our ambitions are attainable and we are playing as a team again. Yahoo!”

– Carmen Terra Schultz -Funeral Home Director

“In my time working with Jon I have more than doubled my business and my life has changed dramatically!”

– Carla Parrilla – CEO Eco Maids 4 You

“Stuck on your career, life, other areas? Jon is an awesome coach and mentor that can get you on track fast! His program not only gets you back on track, but it allows you to put your career and life into perspective.What were my results: focused career with earnings over $100K, realizing dreams do come true, and focused on life and my personal relationships. Thank you Jon for introducing me to your program and helping me stay focused on what’s important in my life!”

– Randy Akers – Security Consultant

“Working with Jon put my life back into my own hands and own control. I felt like life was just happening to me. Now, I determine the quality and direction of my life.”

– Kelly B. – Stay at Home Mother

“Jon Bohm believes in people.  His commitment in developing my best potential motivated me to realizing my goals.”

– Sally Shephard – Senior Editor BVN

“Very professional course.  Everyone who wants to succeed in their business needs to take this course!”

– Mary Lou Stevens – CEO Perpetual Marketing

“I had the pleasure of participating in a leadership program with Jon Bohm and Driven Associates, and it has made a huge difference in the way I see my personal and professional life. Not only have I gained new perspective, Jon has given me the tools to now move forward and achieve all the successes that I’ve been dreaming of to date. There is no way to put a price in insight I have gained from being involved with this amazing process. I would highly recommend every body use Jon’s services if you have any dreams or goals you want to accomplish.”

– Todd Ryan – Send Out Cards

“Jon Bohm is a man who understands how to take risks and how important they are in life. He approaches everything that he does with a 120% attitude. He has become one of my most trusted advisors in life.”

– Benjamin Oscarlece – Accountant

“Through this program with Driven Associates I’ve learned to look within in, in order to improve as an individual, as a professional, and to achieve my goals.”

-Airline Executive

“Jon is a positive force in a sometimes difficult world.  His energy and enthusiasm is what separates him from his peers.”

-Todd Crosner – CEO of Elite Academies

“I would highly recommend Jon Bohm with Driven Coaching to any business who like us have been struggling to push past the those invisible brick walls that prevent us from being exceptional in both our personal and professional lives.  I have never been a part of a program that helped me to find balance in every area of my life.”

-Jacque Konkowski – Owner of Vista Wealth Network

“I distinguish Jon as one of the wisest and most insightful people ever. I have never left a session without being truly blessed by his contributions.”

– Gina Meola – International Photographer

“Jon Bohm has been an extremely huge influence in my life on several levels; boss, mentor, and friend.

As a boss he motivated me and helped me to do things that seemed out of my capabilities such as speaking effectively to groups of people and finding creative ways to teach. He is able to bring out the best in his employees and those who he works with. Nothing was more important to him as quality of work and he inspired people to do their best. A I really believe he was the catalyst that brings real positive change to the organization.

As a mentor, Jon introduced me to ideas and ways of thinking that dramatically changed my life. He was always available to discuss any topic that was perplexing to me and make it seem clear. He has an amazing way with people which I tried to emulate as much as I could.As a friend he is so much fun to be around. He talks about interesting things and loves to just listen to people and make them feel loved. His commitment to his friends is only surpassed by his commitment to his family, but in his presence he made me feel like apart of his family which was a great thing.”

– Dave Kerwin – Writer and all around good guy

“The quality of Jon’s program and instruction are superb.  A must have for small business owners.”

– Joseph Gledhill – CEO Gledix Technologies

“Jon really helped me identify my Vision and then break it down step by step.  So, now I know how to accomplish my dreams.”

-Tuan Nguyen- Owner and CEO of Totan Air Systems

“Jon is very inspirational!  He offers a great balance of information and personal examples!”

– Amy Krajewski – Owner Amy K Music “Lessons that Rock”

“Jon’s program was a life changing experience.  I have learned to love myself in which turned to helping me be a better mother, wife, and helped develop my business skills!”

– Regina Clark – Beauty and Design Expert

“My husband and I hired Jon to fill in the cracks of our business knowledge. What an understatement. Jon is extremely talented, perceptive and right on in his business coaching. If you have ever thought of taking your business to the next level, need to find the passion even when you do not think that you have lost it or just need someone to help you view your business differently. I say hired Jon, you will not regret one moment of his time with you. His business name is Driven Associates…We have never been so DRIVEN in our business before. We have passion, great goals, beautiful dreams and an exit plan all in place, we are focused, we are driving our bus and we know where we are going. DO YOU? Hired Jon and you will!

Jon’s ideas and words are so powerful that you think and feel that what you are going to do CAN be done.  He can give you the tools.”

– Christine, CEO CR Productions

“Jon Bohm with Driven Associates helped our company go to the next level – a level that we didn’t know even existed for our family business.”

– Tom Konkowski – Founder of the Vista Wealth Network and Owner of Milestone Investment Strategies

“Jon’s approach is a combination of logic, passion & results.  It is practical while asking us to envision beyond where we are at this time.  Clear, succinct and valuable.”

– Steve Kellogg – Founder of “The Consultant’s Life”

“Jon delivered excellent, thought-provoking material.  He is real, fun & passionate.”

– Sherry Fritz

“Jon made me think more about who I am & who I want to become.”

– Rachel Horne

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