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Client Testimonials


DRIVEN is passionate about the success of each client, and has developed an approach that ensures a partnership with each business & person.

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“Jon is a man of high moral character and integrity.  He has a positive, high energy approach to everything he encounters. Recently, I was fortunate to be able to go through one of his development programs.  Through Jon’s program and feedback, I have been empowered to become more efficient both personally and professionally.  He has shown me how to look at whole picture while living in the moment and enjoying life everyday!”

Bradley Pike, PT, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer

Director of Rehabilitation, Syracuse University

President, Championship Sports

Physical Therapy, PC

“Jon presented an awe inspiring keynote address at our customer event last week. I knew he would be good but his presentation was “out of the park great”. His genuine commitment to others success and his passion for what he does just shines. I would highly recommend him!”

Tammy Kohl- President of Resource Associates Corporation

“I wish I could meet with Jon every week. Our entire organization has made a major change in direction since my meetings with Jon. Don’t buy into the lie that you don’t need any coaching or advice on what you can do different and better. Jon will help you break out of a rut/box and use your own ideas to help you do so. I’ve been leading my organization for more than 11 years. After meeting with Jon, I feel like we have a fresh start, new vision and our best days ahead of us.”

Trent Renner – Lead Pastor of Parkway Christian Church

Justin Martin 

– Chief Operating Officer of Corbins Electric

“As a personal and professional coach Jon has a unique set of skills that can help you take inventory of the beliefs that are holding you back and unlock your ability to live a life motivated by purpose and passion. My performance soared and my world expanded after receiving coaching from Jon.

As a keynote speaker Jon is no brain break. He will challenge the entire room, engaging heads and hearts in an unavoidable way that will leave you full.”

Mike Kintner 

– Director of Marketing & Operations at Caesars Entertainment Corporation

“Jon is an excellent coach, facilitator and keynote speaker. I've had the pleasure of working with Jon as my executive coach and the experience has been life changing. 
Jon is extremely passionate about the work he does and you can't help but get motivated and inspired by him. His ability to help you dive deep into your behavior, beliefs and capabilities will enable you to have much better self awareness, self appreciation and self guidance than ever before. His coaching has yielded positive results in both my professional, and more importantly my personal life over the past 8 months.

This coaching has left me with a deeper understanding of myself that I will carry for the rest of my life. I truly can't express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with and know Jon, and for the positive impact he's had on my life. We recently had 6 employee rallies over a 24 hour period and we invited Jon to be our keynote speaker. Employees at all levels of the organization immediately began commenting that those meetings were the best employee rallies we have ever held and his language in that address has already permeated the organization with employees saying things like "I want to be a playmaker and not just a player or benchwarmer!" If you are looking for an executive coach, facilitator or keynote speaker I highly recommend Jon. An MBA program teaches you about business, Jon's program teaches you about you and your relationship with others. Jon's coaching has helped lead to a banner year for me in 2015 and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Brandon Luna- Owner of Thunderbird Custom Design

“Getting straight to the point as Jon did for us. He changed our business forever in the first thirty minutes. Our business had enjoyed mild success for a small group but had no idea where to go from here. He helped us discover the path we are now traveling on and continues to guide us in its execution. Being a hard worker had always been the easy part for me but being a CEO has been a challenge until we started working with Jon. Its not only what he has taught me but the example of what a true leader looks and acts like that has helped me put that new information into practice. The knowledge he possesses in all aspects of business and in life is extremely impressive and his presentation of it is full of energy, positivity and is very direct. If you have a chance to work with Jon, take it!”

Christian Zdebel- Principal, Brand and Marketing Advisor of Silver Section LLC

“Jon is the kind of coach who works his magic on two levels. First, he really knows how to get to the core of issues in a fantastically direct way. This is primarily driven by his ability to ask very pointed questions; he gets to not just the root cause of issues, he gets his coaching subjects to a place where the root cause is dissected into clear areas of action. And yes, you do get into some wildly uncomfortable issues. He gets a perfect score on this one in my book.

Second, you get to work with a guy who not only shows you how you can unlock the best in yourself, but he shows you how he does it in his own life.

Steve Miksta- Sr. VP of Sales Development at VIP Mortgage Inc.

“I have worked with Jon since 2010. Jon has helped me both personally and professionally. While working with him, he has developed me as a leader and allowed me to clarify my business objectives and where I wanted to take my business. With his help, our team increased our volume from $12.5M in 2009 to over $52M in 2012. Now continuing to work with Jon, I have shifted my focus to assisting VIP Mortgage Inc. in building a revolutionary mortgage platform that will impact many originators for years to come. Jon is amazing at what he does and is now impacting more and more originators every day by helping them build a similar plan to expand their business, improve their life, or whatever it is they are looking to do. I would highly recommend Jon and his talents and hope to continue working with him for many years to come."

Stan Holm, CHFP, FACHE - CEO at Tenet Healthcare Abrazo West & Maryvale Campuses

Truly enjoyed how you gently commanded the room in our two hour Westmarc retreat. We went from a very large concept following last year's strategies and priorities and quickly narrowed our focus down to tangible action items for the next twelve months. 

I was very impressed with your ability to guide the conversation through probing questions which drove the team to stay engaged and get to the desired outcome. 

"Jon Bohm has been instrumental in the strategic planning of the American Subcontractor Association of Arizona for the past three years. He is able to work with large groups and focus the conversation into developing a clear vision and mission for any organization. Jon is energetic and fun and a great professional with great insight. I highly recommend Jon for your business coaching and planning needs."

Joe LaRovere, CEM, LEED AP - Construction Executive at Mortenson

Dallas Jacobson

 CEO/President at EPIC Interests, LLC

"I have been fortunate to have had access to Jon's coaching for the past 4+ years. Without his coaching I can sincerely admit that my company, nor my leadership skills, would not be where they are today if not for his outstanding input and advice. I am currently under his program and will continue to do so into the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John Bohm and Driven Coaching to any person and/or company whether start-up or vast. Worth the time.....worth the investment!"

Dr. Troy Peters

President at Peters Wellness Chiropractic, Inc.

"I have used multiple coaches over the years (5 over 9 years) and of course each has had a major impact on my business and of course your business can not grow if we ourselves do not grow. Jon's professionalism and style of coaching/teaching is fantastic. He helped me discover what it is I really wanted and how I could accomplish my true desires for myself, my family and my business. He knows how to move people in the direction they want to go and how to do it quickly and efficiently."

"Jon was invaluable to my growth as a leader. He reminded me to live at the purpose level rather than only at the task level in life. His insights and experience provided guidance and leadership throughout our time together that produce clearly thought out vision, values and goals with a plan to accomplish them. I highly recommend his services to any business or individual looking to improve, grow, and get to the next level."

Joshua Hill

ICE Technician at Star West

Hiring Jon was one of the best decisions I've ever made both at a personal and professional level. I started with his 12 week personal development program and it was life changing to say the least. I have become a different person! He helped me find the tools in myself to become the person I've always wanted to be and needed to be in order to run the world-class business that I do. His "outside the box" suggestions for all aspects of my personal and professional life have given me new insight and changed the way I think about marketing, customer service, goal setting, and much more. With the tools I gained from his service, I have a clear vision for my future and a concise path for getting there. The sky is the limit!

Hire Jon. Simple as that. You have it in you to be the best, but sometimes you need an outside view to help you find it in yourself. And Jon is the best at helping you do that.

Brian Miller

Owner, Spotless Floor Care

Jon worked with me and my wife and he absolutely helped me develop my business goals and plan. He showed me a few simple things that I may not have ever figured out and they are making all the difference to my business success. My wife got a lot out of the sessions as well and is now chasing her dream to become a lawyer. Thanks Jon!!

Greg McIntyre

Owner, 19 Systems, Computer Services

Marcus Murphy

Executive Sales Leader | Director of Monetization at DigitalMarketer

Jon Bohm is one of the most genuine and talented business professionals that I have ever worked with. Jon has a unique way of motivating and leading others, including myself, to places in their lives they didn't know they were capable. He has a no nonsense approach to your dreams even if you do not, and that is invaluable. I cherish the time he spent developing me and I use his coaching strategies on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I would not be the same person and professional that I am today without his influence in my life. I recommend Jon confidently knowing that he will bring the best out in you.

Cathy Stuart

Universal Wisdom | Certified Spiritual Counselor

Jon was hired to do a one day Strategic Plan for the Az Naturopathic Medical Association. He kept the board on task throughout the day, he was entertaining and a task manager for us. We moved forward very quickly with a 1 and 3 year plan. The board was so impressed with his abilities as a coach and consultant that we have hired him for an additional amount of time to keep us moving in the right direction. I would recommend him not only for your Strategic Planning Session, but also as a Business and/or Personal Coach. He is committed to your success. Cathy Stuart, Executive Director, Az Naturopathic Medical Association.

Jon Taylor

Executive Director, Trainer and Leadership Coach at Coaching Mission International

Jon really helped me gain some insight from some personality profiles. He helped me process and understand the information that was presented and moved me to take some necessary steps. Jon is very good and highly skilled and and I highly recommend him.

Kathleen (Kathy) Webb

President of HomeWork Solutions, Inc.

 Household Payroll & Employment Tax

Wow! If you don't walk away from Jon's talk totally enthused and inspired to be your personal best, true to YOU, and pedal-to-the-metal in your career, you just were not listening.

Totally recommend Jon to your organization if you want your staff or organization to think BIG!

Mack McKinney

Senior Manager, Advanced Projects and Capture at LinQuest

Jon is a sincere, straight-shooting guy, the kind you want to listen to. His calmness in the face of a terrible disease was a lesson for me. My family thinks the world of him.
The McKinneys

Regina Clark

Regina Interiors & Design Build

Jon is a great business coach! He really help me change my way of thinking about life and my business. Jon help me see the many accomplishments that I have done so far and the ones I can still do as long as I dream big and still have a vision of what I want out of my career and life.

Randy Akers, SPIPC

Information Security Program Manager

Stuck on your career, life, other areas? Jon is an awesome coach and mentor that can get you on track fast! His program not only gets you back on track, but it allows you to put your career and life into perspective.What were my results: focused career with earnings over $100K, realizing dreams do come true, and focused on life and my personal relationships. Thank you Jon for introducing me to your program and helping me stay focused on what's important in my life!

David Carattini

CEO | Author | Speaker | Eliminating Computer, Network and Telephone Headaches for Phoenix Metro Area Organizations

Jon has helped me in my business and personally in significant ways. His coaching has helped me to propel my business to new heights and revenue levels. His motivation, vision, and constant positive attitude have helped me improve my own attitudes and motivation with superb results. I enthusiastically recommend Jon and Driven Coaching to anyone looking to vastly improve their lives.

Brian yelder

Real Estate Professional at HomeSmart

Jon helped me to identify my purpose, motivation, and direction for my business. His coaching truly worked for me.

George Cuzalina, LUTCF

Multiple Line General Agent Representing American National

Jon is a highly motivated enthusiastic individual who brings a down to earth, no nonsense approach to business planning. He is one of the most positive thinking people that I have ever met. His attitude is contagious. I highly recommend him.

Peter Egyed

CrossFit Fury

I hired Jon to help fill the gaps of my business knowledge. I gained a better understanding of my own business, clients and service I am providing. This understanding has had great results in running my business since our meetings and I look forward to how this affects my business in the coming years.


Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc

"The amount of touches I have been able to do to past customers in just the last 90 days is more than I've done in the last 10 years"


National Sales Manager – National Retail

VIP Mortgage Inc.

"I've seen a lot of our loan officers grow from 4-5 loans a month to 10-15 loans a month because we are working much harder on our data bases. That's a lot of business there. ”


Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

VIP Mortgage Inc.

"My phone blew up! I couldn't have done that on my own, I couldn't have that many calls or that many emails and he made it happen. And it was amazing! I couldn't believe it!"


Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.

"I would have never been able to organize my data base in the way that you have."


Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.

"Kevin's given me the ability to do marketing in pretty automated basis. I found myself busier at this time of the year, and Kevin has been a contributing factor to that"


Sr. Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.

"One of the success stories I did have was, I had a client contact me about two weeks ago, She said "The only reason why I stayed with you is because you constantly contact me", so obviously proven, the system does work."

Rich Lange

Owner, BrenCon Pest Control

As a small business owner of several businesses, we used Jon to help us get more out of our businesses and team members. After going through the process with Jon, we had all the tools we needed to form the processes and policies necessary to operate efficiently. After the program, our companies are run like a well oiled machine and I'm no longer doing 90% of the technical work. We at BrenCon Services LLC would highly and enthusiastically recommend Jon Bohm and his team!

Susan Laurita

Owner/Director at Garden City Child Development Center

Jon knows people and he knows business. That is a given. The pleasant surprise is that he knows how to get people in touch with their own motivations and dreams...and then help them translate that into an action plan for their personal and private lives. Giving up is simply no longer an option! Thank you, Jon, for your direction and encouragement! Anyone who engages Jon Bohm, and Driven Associates is in for a wonderful adventure!

Phil Troyer

Owner, P A Troyer Inc

Jon helped us to navigate beyond the minutia of everyday activity and see the bigger business picture. This has enabled us to catch a vision of where we could be and steps to reach that vision. At a time when we thought there was little opportunity he helped us to see beyond and take steps to achieve new goals. (Thank you Jon!)

Lora Johnson

Owner, Johnson & Associates, P.L.L.C.

We hired Jon as a business consultant for our law practice. He brought a high level of experience and integrity to our office. He is solution-oriented and directs the business owner to make their own goal-oriented solutions based on their core values. This allows for a natural and desirable growing of your business. We have really enjoyed working with him. It has been life changing and definitely business changing. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you Jon!

Pamela Wodrich

Owner, Prolific Insurance Solutions

Jon has been an asset to us (Chip and I) personally and in our business. We think differently than we did one year ago - thanks to Jon working with us. We have seen positive, forward moving changes in our business. Jon has also worked with our teenage son so that he has life goals and the "how" to make them happen.

Charles "Chip" Wodrich, LUTCF, FICF, FIC

PROLIFIC FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS - Goodyear, AZ President - Holistic Client Adviser

Jon is the "Real Deal"! Not only does Jon possess one of the most positive attitudes around, he will completely change your way of thinking and bring your dreams into reality. I cannot even imagine what my life would be like today had I not met Jon, of course, I could never see that far behind me!

Joseph Gledhill

Chief Technology Officer at AppCatalyst

Jon is an outstanding business coach. His program and instruction have been extremely helpful to our organization. With his instruction we have been able to better define ourselves and increase performance and our competitive edge. Jon is a very congenial and professional person. I highly recommend him.

Bob Cowherd

Experienced Top-Performing Sales Professional

I have known John for about 6 years. We first met when I was interning at Eastern Hills developing a new service, and he had just joined the staff as a pastor. John is an enthusiastic, wise visionary who always backs his words with actions and from whom apathy seems to flee. I'm excited for those fortunate enough to receive his coaching through Driven Associates.

Courtney Ameli

Fundraising Consultant

Jon is an extremely motivated individual with a contagious passion to see others grow. Not only did he encourage and mentor my personal growth, he motivated me to pursue that level of discipleship and growth in the lives of those I worked with. I highly regard Jon and the time I spent working with him.

Todd Ryan

Senior Sales Agent at National General Insurance

I worked with Jon over a period of ten weeks on developing my leadership and goal setting abilities. His work and insight are well worth the time and investment for his services. I expect to live a much more fulfilling and focused life, business and professional, with the education and practical application Jon has taught me.



 Loan Officer

VIP Mortgage Inc.

We got 97 responses and 5 prospects from the last messages you guys sent out last week! It was really Awesome! I appreciate you guys so much and so does the Bates team!


Stephanie Hendrick

Production Manager

VIP Mortgage Inc.

Driven marketing was there to help me trouble shoot it and get it all organized and run the event seamlessly and with out a hitch. Never again will I do an event without their help and highly recommend them.


Christine Montgomery

Palm Valley Oral

I just want to thank Driven Marketing for helping Palm Valley Oral Surgery. They took our reviews from 3 that we have on google up to over 76 in over a couple of months.

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