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Lead with purpose, passion, and performance.

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Our passion is helping organizations and leaders achieve more than they every thought they could. Often this is accomplished by managing strategic change, innovation, cultural transitions, and goal achievement. Often in highly competitive industries and environments.  We believe leadership is absolutely paramount to a successful organization.  As go the leaders…so goes everything else, we can help groom and coach leaders to reach their next level and by doing so help your organization reach it’s peak performance and execution as well.  Culture is fragile, we can help you create, nurture, and protect the culture you want and need in your organization.  In 2017, 2 of Jon’s clients won the prestigious top spots for “Best Places to Work” by the Business Journal.

Often we will meet people at a crossroads in their life when they are faced with big decisions, moving forward, staying still, expanding or finding a new meaning and significance in their future.  Unsure where to go next?   Know that there is more to life than what you are experiencing?  Feeling your world shrinking when you want it to expand?  Wherever you find yourself today, we will help you discover who you are, build a plan to be that person to the fullest extent possible and then encourage you and help you execute that plan to a more purposeful future.

Are you an owner and need to find out how to get your business to run without you?  Do you have a plan to get your business to the next level and aren’t sure how to actually execute it?  Need a solid strategy?  Need the cash register to ring?  Need your leadership to step up?  Need to build your succession plan?  Build it to sell or run without you?  Are you burnt out?  Exhausted by the day to day?  Ready to take your business to a new place?  Success never happens on accident, it will require intentional  vision, strategy, planning, leadership and execution.  Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to put our heads together on your life and business.

Your mind is the engine that makes everything in your life work - happiness, decision making, performance on and off the field, relationships, clarity, and finances are all driven by your mindset, perspective, and mental talents.  The better you understand how your mind works, your personal and specific blindspots, your unique mental talents, passions, and perspectives the better you will live and perform.  We know that when you understand logically how your mind works you will make permanent changes to enhance your performance.  Ever wonder how your sub-conscious and conscious mind work?  Ever want more clarity when you're making a decision or a putt?


Ever wonder what you could accomplish if you could flip a switch and tap into the absolute best version of yourself?  Designed for athletes used in over 90 different industries for those that are inspired to be their best.

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