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Driven was born after our founder, Jon Bohm, was diagnosed with cancer in his early 20’s. After being given a 15% chance of survival, Jon took inventory of his life and found several things that became part of the Driven foundation: 

Life. Is. Short. We all need to live with a sense of urgency that only looking at your own mortality can bring. A fulfilling life comes from living “on purpose.” Great lives (families, organizations, etc) don’t happen on accident. Life is meant to be enjoyed with passion.  

After finding out he was going to live, Jon started coaching some of the staff at Syracuse University, business leaders, and individuals in NY.  He left his leadership role and started what has now become Driven in 2007 in Syracuse, NY. Since then we have moved headquarters to AZ, brought on multiple coaches and staff, started a marketing division. We have worked with over 90 different industries and several thousand influencers and individuals to live a more purposeful existence and build better futures for themselves and those they touch.

Driven Begins

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