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Your privacy is very important to us. We take it seriously…

Your personal information and your client’s information is never shared, sold, or used by anyone else. We only use your data to provide the services you purchased from us. If you have any questions about your data, please contact us. If you would like your information corrected, or deleted, just send us a message and we will take care of it promptly. 



Privacy Policy 

Update: July , 2019

Privacy & Terms: 

1) Our partnership with you is built on TRUST! At DRIVEN Marketing, we believe that a high-trust relationship is the key to success for YOUR business and ours.  

2) We will never sell your data or information to other companies. Your privacy and the privacy of your database is something we take very seriously. You can trust us to keep it safe and secure.  

3) If at anytime you feel like you no longer want to use our services, please notify us at least 30 days in advance. 


Additional Compliance Information


Co Marketing Activities?

We only promote our client. We do not do any co-marketing activities where we share cost with other parties.


Reports on Marketing?

When requested, we are able to provide reports related to each of our communication platforms – emails, texts, handwritten cards & voicemails so that our clients can see the “who, what & when” as they send communication out.


Do you sell data?

No. We take this very seriously. Our clients’ data belongs to them. We only use the data to help our clients build relationships with their database.


What happens if a client STOPS using DRIVEN Marketing?

The client would assume ownership of their data if they ever stopped using Driven Marketing services.


Where is Marketing Data stored?

Marketing data is stored with vendor accounts we have set up for client in their name. At anytime we can supply copies of marketing that is being sent out.


Subscribe or Unsubscribe?

Our clients’ recipients can unsubscribe from both text messages and email videos. There is a unsubscribe button on email video. With our texting platform, the first text message has a disclosure to opt out and stop at any time to be compliant (example of 1st text that goes out “Hi recipient, this is (name), I’m using an app to text you. You will not be billed extra for any texts, reply STOP at any time to OPT out”. When a client asks to be removed from any voice messages that go out we have a procedure in place to remove from all voice message lists. We have an opt out email ( that our clients can email with recipient’s name and info. We then remove that recipient from all marketing campaigns and then reply back to the client once this has been done.


“Do Not Call List” rules and regulations

If any recipient wants to be opted out of ringless voice mails we opt them out . We only send messages to clients past business and always use a warm message just touching base with existing data base. Our calls are NOT about sales. We focus on building real relationships between our clients & their database. We do have the ability to scrub all data if needed from the DNC registry.


What happens when a complaint or non-compliance activity occurs? Who is responsible?

We always play everything we do safe with our marketing. We use a very warm approach and generally just reach out to Clients past clients, sales or clients they are currently working with. All of our marketing is meant to just touch people in a warm way and never sell anyone on anything. We work together with our client to come up with a message that is specific to them.


What forms or agreements exists between Vendor and all parties exits?

We have not done contracts with our clients or with companies. We operate as a relationship based business and give our clients the ability to cancel at any time.


List any import and or export requirements and flows

We export and import from clients’ cell phones, past data excel sheets, email accounts & other CRM programs. This data is stored in our smartsheets that are protected. (We only pull closed loans from CRM for loan officer clients. Name, mobile number, birthday and mailing address. We make sure and only pull data that is public knowledge. We never pull social security Numbers, etc)


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