Jon Bohm is a sought after Personal Coach, Corporate Coach, National Speaker, and Trainer.  He is currently CEO and President of Driven Coaching.

Jon Bohm

After surviving cancer in his 20’s, Jon realized that life is too short not to wake up and enjoy life everyday.  Jon realized how much potential to make a positive impact on the lives of his family and others almost died with him.  He challenges his clients and audiences to take full advantage of this one chance at life we have. Squeeze every drop out of life and business that you can by living life to it’s fullest!   He encourages you to live in the moment and use your business and skills to gain the best possible life you can.  Never stop learning and dreaming.

Jon has worked with Fortune 100 top executives, Division 1 University staff and students, and small businesses around The U.S..

He brings audiences to their feet!  You can’t leave a session without believing in yourself and seeing life as the most amazing gift we all have.

“Success doesn’t just happen.  It happens when you plan, set goals, and make it happen!”

Jon’s passion is helping individuals and organizations become “world changers” and become the best run organizations in the world.  Jon doesn’t only motivate, he delivers real, powerful, and immediately practical content.

Knowledge is NOT power.  Applied knowledge IS power.  And power is directly proportionate to the amount of responsibility you are willing to take in your own life and and company.

Jon tailors his talks for each audience based on the desired result. Talk to Jon. Call our friendly staff today! 1-888-5-DRIVEN or 623.505.9330

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